Is your pet stressed?


Or, more accurately (since stress is an inevitable part of life)...
How stressed is your pet?


The following questions can help you determine your pet’s stress level, so you can better help your four-legged friend find his zen.  

To complete the questionnaire, just answer each question with "yes" or "no." When you’re done, you will receive an overview of your pet’s stress level.

Please remember that, although this questionnaire may provide you with a useful snapshot of the current situation, it is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.

Any sudden change in your pet’s behaviour should be reported to your veterinarian, who can help you rule out possible health issues that may be causing the problem, and develop an appropriate plan of action.

Has your pet reacted negatively to a recent change in your routine at home? (This could include renovations, moving, the introduction of a new pet, houseguests, the arrival of a newborn, etc.)

Does your pet react fearfully to sudden noises, such as thunder, fireworks, objects being dropped, etc.?

Have you noticed a change in your pet's sleeping habits?

Does your pet vocalize (i.e., bark, meow, whine, etc.) more than usual?

Does your pet growl, snap, scratch or display other aggressive behaviour?

Does your pet have "accidents" in the house while you are away or eliminate in inappropriate places?

Does your pet indiscriminately chew, scratch and/or destroy things around the house?

Does your pet seem restless and/or display hyperactive behaviour (pacing, circling, panting, etc.)?

When your pet goes to the veterinary clinic, the groomer's or a boarding facility, does he display signs of panic, fear, anxiousness, etc.?

Does your pet seem more aloof or, on the contrary, more "clingy" than usual?

Does your pet have a problem getting along with other animals?

Does your pet compulsively self-groom and/or lick himself?

Does your pet hide or show signs of fear in the presence of unknown individuals?

Does your pet explore, eat and play only at night and/or in a very quiet environment?

Does your pet change his eating habits (i.e., eat more or less) if/when there is a shift in his routine?