Frequently asked questions about Zylkène®


What if my pet is lactose intolerant?

No problem! Even though Zylkène® is derived from milk and has a "milky" taste, it is lactose free. (Preservative free, too!)



Can Zylkène® be given to pets of any age?

Zylkène® is indicated for dogs and cats of any age, and can be used to help puppies and kittens adapt to their new home when they leave their mother.  



Is it safe to administer Zylkène® to a pet taking other medications?

Zylkène® has no known contraindications or drug interactions.



Is Zylkène® suitable for both long- and short-term use?

Yes. Fast-acting Zylkène® can be started a day before a specific stressful event (i.e., boarding, grooming, travel, etc.) or administered continuously over a longer period of time (a minimum treatment period of 8 weeks is recommended for chronic behaviour issues).



What side effects should I expect with Zylkène®?

In clinical studies, no side effects were reported when Zylkène® was administered to dogs and cats. Lactose- and preservative-free Zylkène® is also non-sedating and non-addictive.


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