An integrated approach
to stress management


First, do yourself - and your pet - a favour by consulting your veterinarian. He or she can help you rule out any possible health problems that may be causing the unwanted behaviour and develop a customized stress management program for your pet.


Ideally, this program should include:

  • Behaviour modification focused on:
    • Identifying and eliminating (as much as possible) specific factors that contribute to your pet's stress;
    • Providing living conditions and routines that are comforting for your pet;
    • Teaching your pet more appropriate behavioural responses through the use of positive reinforcement (praise and rewards).
  • The use of a product with a calming effect to complement the behaviour modification program by:
    • Quickly decreasing the signs of stress (i.e., the unwanted behaviour);
    • Increasing the ability of your pet’s brain to adapt to change.


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